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  1. IKE Bands – Students, Families, and Community: 

I wanted to take a moment to write a note now that the dust has begun to settle and we’ve all hopefully started getting some kind of new routine established. This is such a unique and strange situation, and for me, two of the worst parts of this is missing our time together in class making music with each other, and the uncertainty about what it means moving forward. I’ll make this as brief as possible, but wanted to take stock of where we are and hopefully provide at least a small amount of clarity. 

  • Events. I’ll be honest – the cancellations of events has been EXTREMELY hard for me. Not only because the events themselves are worthwhile and musically satisfying; but even more so because as students, you have put so much time and effort into your art, and to not have that “payoff” can feel like a slap in the face and that it was all for nothing. That is normal feeling – with that, however, please always keep in mind that hard work is never wasted. The practicing you did made you a better musician. The dedication it took to work hard and strive for perfection made you a better musician and an even better person. And those things that happened during the process still remain. 
  • As far as specifics, the following events have been cancelled and will not be rescheduled: State Jazz Festival, the MSU Jazz Concert, and State Band Festival. The Disney trip was cancelled for this year – an email was sent yesterday from Todd Brown with specifics, so I won’t go into detail on that here. But if you do have questions, please feel free to reach out to myself, Todd Brown, or Lisa Graye. MSBOA will be refunding the costs from State S&E – please be on the lookout for more info on that later. 
  • One last thought – a quote from Charles Swindoll: 

“We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you… we are in charge of our Attitudes.”  

Does that mean we shouldn’t be disappointed, confused, frustrated, upset, mad or any other number of emotions with how things have been turning out? Of course notThose emotions are normal, healthy, and necessary to process. But I do believe that when times are difficult, it makes us better people because of how we choose to react. There’s been a lot to overcome this year – the fact that you choose to persevere is significant and worthwhile. Do some things you enjoythere are a lot of places that are closed and things that we are not allowed to do at the moment. But that’s out of our control. What I personally can control is that I haven’t read a book for enjoyment in such a long time and I think I may be due for rereading Harry Potter :) Please help each other. This program has a tremendous network of people – Students, Families, Community — and that is what makes it powerful. I can’t wait to see you all again, at whatever point that may be. Keep each other lifted up and stay healthy. 

The “door” (at this point, email) is always open! If I can help in ANY way please let me know. 

Jonathan A. Carrothers