News » Marching Eagles are Channel 7’s Band of the Week!


We are proud to let you all know that the Marching Eagles have been named as WXYZ Channel 7’s Band of the Week! This Friday (Oct. 9), the Band will be on their morning show in a variety of spots between 5:45am and 8:00am. The kids are super excited to have this opportunity and it should be a really great experience for everyone! Here is the basic outline for when we’l be on:

5:15 – Marching Band/TV Crew arrives

5:45 – Live hit with band warming up

6:15 – 1 minute performance

6:45 – Interview and 2 minute performance

7:20 – Interview and quick performance

7:40 – Interview/ 2 minute performance

8:00 – Interview and 2 minute performance

Student Info for the WXYZ “Band of the Week” Performance

  • When: Friday, October 9, 2015
  • Student Call Time: 5:15am in the Band Room. Students get into full uniform and be in the Main Gym (Concert Arcs) by 5:35am. School will not be opened up until 4:50am so please plan accordingly.
  • Performance Times: First spot is at 5:45am, then their are about 6 more spread through the morning.  Note these can change depending on how the morning show is running, breaking new, etc. Last spot will take place just before 8am.
  • Food/Snacks: Their is a lot of downtime between spots, so we will have food/coffee for everyone courtesy of the Eisenhower Instrumental Music Boosters!
  • Parent Volunteers: We could use some help that morning keeping everything organized!  Please park in the NE Staff lot or and come in through door #6.  Please do not park in the student lots surrounding the Band Room.
  • Dismissal: Students that are at Ike in the Mornings should be back in class by about 8:30am.  Malow 9th graders will be walked (with an adult) back to school at the same time.  CSI/MST students that are at the IRC in the morning, as well as Shelby 9th graders, will have adults shuttling them to school after the performance.  The 5 UAIS students have all been talked to personally and we have formulated a transportation plan.
  • Attendance/Excused process: This is a sanctioned UCS event and was set up through the Superintendents office,  so any absence from class will be excused.  All Eisenhower students (including CSI, MST, and UAIS) will be handled (per UCS guidelines) though the Main Office here at Ike.  That being said, thy are very over-worked in the office and can’t always get the word out quickly. If you are missing a class not housed at Ike please call and let them know what is going on so they have a heads up!  Shelby/Malow students we will contact your main office as well, but again it’s always a good idea to call and let them know too!!