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UPDATE 6/5 Concert Percussion: Read the Audition Info 2020 document carefully and contact Mr. Carrothers with any questions. Auditions are due by Saturday, June 13th!

Please look below for the 2020 Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Ensemble Audition Information. PLEASE NOTE: Only students who would like to audition into a higher ensemble need to complete the audition process. For example, a student currently in Symphonic Band must audition to be in Wind Ensemble. If they choose to not audition, they will remain in Symphonic Band next year. Students currently in Jazz Ensemble do not need to re-audition for next year. If you are planning to participate in two concert ensembles, you do not need to audition for the second ensemble, even if you are playing a different (“secondary”) instrument.

Junior High Students that wish to audition for Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble may complete this assessment as well. If they choose not to, they will be placed automatically into Concert Band. Please remember that ALL MST/CSI INCOMING 10TH GRADERS MUST AUDITION for Symphonic Band because of scheduling. If you do not audition, you may not be able to be in band which affects marching band as well!!

Once the audition results are posted, we will take care of adjusting schedules for the students it affects.  Please note that in order to enroll in Jazz Ensemble, a concurrent Concert Ensemble must be taken for at least one year.  This does not apply for guitar, piano, and bass students.


  • Please read the 2020 Audition Info and Submission Process document carefully. It details exactly what you need to play for the audition, including what choices you need to make. Play the most difficult scales/etude that you can play well. 
  • Because of the equipment needed for their auditions, percussion auditions for concert ensembles are currently on hold and will be held at a later date TBD. More info to come. Drum Set for Jazz Ensemble is open for auditions!
  • If there are technological difficulties that prevent you from completing the audition, please contact Mr. Carrothers ASAP at
  • For Jazz Ensemble — remember that you must be enrolled in a concert ensemble and jazz band for at least one year (guitar, piano, and bass students are the only exceptions.) If you have questions about meeting graduation requirements while taking two band classes, please contact your counselor and/or Mr. Carrothers.

2020 Band Assessment Info/Documents

2020 Jazz Ensemble Auditions Info/Documents