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Welcome to the Eisenhower High School Instrumental Music Department!

We are very excited that your child has decided to join the instrumental music program. As a student enters high school, many changes happen and being part of the band program will make the transition into high school seem less complicated and maybe even more exciting. As we begin the new school year we would like to take this time to introduce some of the unique aspects to being a member of the instrumental music community at Eisenhower High!

When a student decides to join band they are committed to becoming a better musician and student. It is our hope that all students will stay committed to the organization through the year. They do this by attending concerts, caring for the facility, uniforms and their instrument, and showing respect for the teachers, their peers and policies. They show their commitment by practicing and performing at a high standard and not compromising their goals. It is very important that students attend all scheduled rehearsals and events. We all know that if given a choice many students may not participate. Parents, we need your help in ensuring students know how to follow through with their commitment to the program. The rewards can be endless!

Finding information.  
We are very fortunate at Eisenhower High School to have our very own Instrumental Music website (  This website is loaded with information and updated regularly.  Information on concerts, trips, payments, marching band, rehearsals and contact information can be found here along with recordings of music, pictures and links to band related sites. By visiting the “News Room” you will find the most up-to-date articles about what is happening with the bands. From time to time, we also send hard copies of information home with students. It will be their responsibility to pick up that information when provided and bring it home. Some of that information will include fundraiser information, marching band information, and schedules. It has been found that not every child brings home information so please be sure to check the website whenever possible for updates.

For those of you that use Social Media, we think you’ll find the Instrumental Music Program well represented online!  By following our Facebook (“Eisenhower High School Instrumental Music Program’) and Instagram (@IkeBands) accounts you can get all the latest information instantly right to your computer, tablet, or smartphone device.

You can also sign up for our e-mail newsletter on the home page at  Enter your email address at the bottom of the Homepage and click “Stay Updated!” and an e-mail will be sent to you when the calendar or news room is updated.  Your e-mail address will be used for Eisenhower Band use only and you can remove yourself from the list at any time.

Being part of it all.
The Instrumental Music Boosters are a fantastic organization that supports our students and their effort to become better students and citizens.  The Instrumental Music Boosters actually consists of every parent with a student in the Eisenhower Band, so congratulations!  You are a Band Booster!  Please plan on attending future Band Booster meetings to learn what is going on in your child’s classroom.  You meet many other band parents and discover many ways to support your child.

We encourage every parent to become involved with the band program.  We would not be the program we are without the parental support!  Students benefit and learn from parents who volunteer and attend meetings and concerts.

Find out how YOU can get involved!