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52 chances to win $50, and 104 chances to win $25!
Raffle Flyer: 


  • Tickets are $25 each, and are good for 52 weeks of drawings
  • Winners are based on the 3-digit number announced for each Wednesday’s “Michigan Daily (EVENING) 3 Drawing”
  • Tickets matching the Wednesday evening Daily Drawing win $50
  • Ticket number preceding and following the lottery number each win $25
  • Winners will automatically be mailed a check at the end of each month so no memory required, and you can win more than once!!!

Only 999 tickets are available, and all MUST be sold (if under 315 tickets are sold it will turn into a 50/50 and be drawn by December 12th)! They make great gifts, and are our alternative to doing other small sales/fundraisers. When you support the Ike Bands, we are ALL winners!!

Terms and Conditions

  1. If under 315 Tickets are sold, this raffle will turn into a 50/50 with the drawing taking place by ______________.
  2. If the raffle ticket for the daily number has not been sold, a drawing from the pool of raffle tickets studs for the tickets sold will take place as soon as possible.
  3. Per State Law, ticket purchasers may not select their own numbers.  All numbers must be randomly assigned.
  4. This raffle will be using the Wednesday Evening Daily 3 drawing to select our winners. Tickets that match the number exactly will win $50.  One number above and one number below the winning ticket will get $25.  In the case that “999” wins, the number above would be “001”.  In the case that “001” wins, the number below would be “999”.
  5. State Raffle ID: #134186
  6. Payment checks will be mailed in the month following the winning ticket being selected. If the address/contact info changes after the ticket was purchased, it is up to the purchased to contact the Raffle Organizer with updated data on where to send payment.
  7. Tickets can be purchased in person, or by contacting our Raffle Chair.  If you decide to not purchase them in person (i.e. over phone or email), then the Raffle Chair or other designated official of the Band Boosters will draw your number(s) for you.