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With our first Home Football Game happening on Friday, September 6th, we wanted to make sure that all parents/students had an understanding of the the procedures we use on game days!  You can read below or see the attached and printable PDF file for all of the basic details we use to have a safe, organized, and enjoyable Game Day  experience!!


General Football Game Procedures/Itineraries

Below are the general procedures that we use in order to make Football Game days run well and efficiently.  Please note that the call time and departure information could change slightly from game to game, so please check for the most updated time information.

  • Typical Student Call time: Approximately 3:40pm (can vary slightly for some games so please check Ikebands carefully) on the Marching Eagles Field unless otherwise notated.  UCS Transportation to Eisenhower is provided from Shelby Junior High for all home marching games.
  • Dinner: Dinner is provided to all Marching Eagles members for each and every home game we perform at.  Students are welcome to bring their own meal if they wish, however no one is allowed to leave Eisenhower’s campus for safety reasons.  Food is typically served at 5:00pm.
  • Uniform Changing:  Marching Band uniforms are all stored at Eisenhower in the Band Room, so time is allowed to change into them at school before we board the buses to Swinehart.  As all of the students personal belongings are left at school while at the game, we ask that they keep all valuables in their locker.  Freshmen and UAIS students will be provided a locked room to change in.  Following each game, every student will neatly place their uniform back into its bag and hang it back on the correct rack.
  • Loading of Trailer:  Our Parent trailer volunteers will help coordinate the loading/unloading of the trailer.  Any student that has equipment on the trailer is expected to help assist these volunteers and should plan on being at school until all necessary work has been completed. 
  • Bus Transportation to the Game: ALL Marching Band members take UCS Transportation to and from Swinehart Field for games.
  • Pre-Game:  The Marching Eagles Parade to Swinehart from the east parking lot (old bus garage) at 6:30pm.  Our Pre-Game show starts at approximately 6:40pm and takes place on the track right in front of the home stands.
  • Game Procedures: The Marching Band is huge part of the football game festivities!  We play and cheer all throughout to help our team to victory.  It is the expectation that each and every student will be an active participant in all activities and cheers.  Water is provided by the Eisenhower Instrumental Music Boosters during the course of the games so students remain hydrated.  A snack will also be provided following half-time.  PLEASE NOTE: No outside food/drink with the exception of water will be allowed in to the Band area.  We have over $90,000 in  new uniforms and we want them to stay clean and safe!
  • Return to Ike/Student Pick Up:  Following the game and any post-game activities, all students will return on the school bus back to Ike.  The Bus drops off in the PAC Circle Drive right by the PAC lobby on the east side of the building.  Parents PLEASE do not park in this circle drive.  Once their uniform is put away properly and neatly hung back up on the appropriate rack, students are dismissed. PLEASE NOTE: for game we will be blocking off the road by the Band Room/Loading Dock/Marching Trailer area as it becomes a real bottleneck/safety concern for students leaving Ike after games.  We ask that parents picking up kids stay in the student or staff parking lot to await your child instead up pulling up by the Band Room/Door #6.