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We are currently making preparations for the 2020 Marching Eagles Drumline Auditions! The Drumline Audition Clinic will be taking place virtually.  This clinic is with our Drumline Instructor Mr. George Dunn, and in this time he will go over the audition music.  While this clinic is not mandatory, it is STRONGLY recommended that all interested students attend.

The actual auditions will take place in early June; dates and process will be announced at a later date. If you plan to audition, you must contact Mr. Carrothers at in order to receive a link to the videochat clinic. Everyone must audition, regardless of if you have been on the Drumline before or not.

  • UPDATE 5/29: The Drumline Auditions are now open! You must submit your video through Flipgrid by midnight on Friday, June 6. If there is an issue meeting this deadline, you must communicate with Mr. Carrothers immediately. To submit your video, simply go to, or in the Flipgrid app use the code ehsdrumlineauditions. *You must use your UCS student email that ends in* Once on Flipgrid, click on the option that corresponds to your preference of instrument (Snare, Tenors, or Bass) and record your video — make sure to hit submit once you are done! You may delete your take and retry however many times you like until you are satisfied with your video. Once you submit the video, it is recommended that you send an email to Mr. Carrothers at to verify your submission went through. You are highly encouraged to log on to Flipgrid ahead of time and make sure you understand how it works to avoid any last-minute questions or emergencies. Best of luck to all auditioning!
  • Clinic: Friday, May 8, 1pm to approx. 2pm. Videochat Clinic — you must email Mr. Carrothers to receive the link.
  • Audition: Due in Flipgrid by midnight on Friday, June 6.
  • Audition Music: Snare Drum Quint Toms Bass Drum
    • You may play whichever part you prefer for the audition — however, this does NOT guarantee you will be placed on that instrument.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Because auditions must be done remotely this year and there is not enough equipment to lend out to everyone auditioning, you must play the audition on a practice pad this year. Those auditioning for quint toms should play the rhythm on a single practice pad. If you do not currently have a practice pad, you may perform the audition on another surface such as a textbook, mousepad, or tabletop. Best of luck!!